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Do Your SPANX Spark Joy?

Have you joy checked your SPANX yet? Did you lovingly hold them close to your heart and watch how your body reacted? What did you discover?

Did you sit tall with your shoulders back and feel empowered to conquer the day? Or did you notice your jaw clench, a knot form in your stomach and let out a heavy sigh of disgust? One is an obvious joyful reaction and the other is not.

Reflecting back, my first encounter with SPANX was a joyful one. I thought this garment was supernatural. Like most, I couldn't believe that I literally dropped a dress size just by wearing it. But after 30 minutes, I began to regret it. Wearing SPANX had seriously limited my ability to dance, laugh, breathe deeply, eat and overall have a good time. It was basically a robber of joy for me. About 10 years ago, I swore I would never put my body through that level of discomfort again.

But did I get rid of the SPANX? No. It got relegated to the back of my drawer along with my beige slip and nude pantyhose. And it just stayed there for years with no intention of me ever using it again. Why didn't I get rid of it? Probably because it was an expensive purchase. And just like my clients, I had some guilt for paying so much for this shaper and the negative feelings I had come to associate with it.

Fast forward a few years to when I KonMari'd in 2015, it became obvious that I should only keep clothing that made me feel good, empowered and confident. When I joy checked my SPANX, I had a bodily reaction that was quite visceral. I felt my whole body contract and my breath became shallow and labored. I swear I heard my internal organs cry out for help. It was a hard no, not joyful. I couldn't wait to get this garment out of closet and out of my life.

So I properly thanked my SPANX for the joy it once brought me and the purpose it served. And then I let them go.

"The only way I could fit into this dress was by wearing little girls’ bicycle shorts underneath. And they are tight. I will not be peeing tonight." Source: FOX

Most women I work with find that their SPANX, body contouring and shapers no longer spark joy after they have tidied their clothing. They chose to keep clothes that they feel really good in and fit their body type. They have also learned to listen to their intuition, so when they arrive at the underwear subcategory, they understand what joy feels like in their body. They are really honest with how they feel and often conclude that they no longer want to wear these undergarments.

Some clients are grateful for the practical purpose of SPANX and decide to keep them even though they don't necessarily spark joy when they wear them. And that is in complete alignment with the KonMari Method™ because they appreciate that it serves a specific function for them.

I know that there are probably people who get a lot of joy from SPANX and it provides them the support they want and need. If wearing shapers makes you feel better about your body, powerful and confident, that is wonderful that it sparks joy for you. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what you keep, as long as you are being honest with your own feelings.

For those that decide to keep these support garments, store them with honor in your drawer or closet. They provide you stability and structure, so it's best to take proper care of them. I advise against shoving them in an unloving way at the back of your drawer.

The great part about joy checking is that it is completely unique to each individual. I have no bias for or against anyone wearing SPANX. I just love to witness the transformation that takes place as a result of joy checking items and how our attitudes toward our belongings shift over time.

Best to you on your tidying journey and the discoveries that will unfold as you listen to your body's response during your joy checks.

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