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"I so appreciated Melissa’s calm and soothing demeanor during a potentially stressful appointment. She is incredibly in tune with you and made an overwhelming task suddenly become manageable.


She doesn’t just talk about a plan, she dives in and starts moving items and is the driving force behind your motivation!


I highly recommend Melissa for an effective, exciting, and relatively calm experience that will leave you feeling better about your home and yourself!"

Christy Clark, Bookkeeper

"Melissa came to our rescue right when we were about to have a baby (she left our house less than 12 hours before he was born!), and turned a room that I had been intending to use as a guest room, from what my wife and I affectionately called "the hole", into a functioning guest room/music room/entertainment room in just a few hours!


She took my ideas and ran with it, and, better yet, taught me how to keep things tidy as our family continues to grow. If you feel overwhelmed in your own space, call her!


She'll help turn your home from a place where you sleep into a sanctuary from the outside world."

Michael K., Musician

"Melissa helps you make your surroundings a reflection of the life you want to live. She takes the time to discover who you are and what you are seeking to create in your home and your life.


Then she's with you every step of the way while you make a myriad decisions about what to keep, what to remove, and how to store your joy sparking belongings.


Whether you hire Melissa for a kick off consultation, a few check-ins throughout the process, or to have her with you every step of the way, I can't recommend her enough to support you through your tidying journey."

Kate E., Self-Employed

"I first reached out to Melissa for some help unpacking and organizing my office after a rough transition. Never could I have imagined the absolutely life transforming experience

that was the result of working with Melissa. 

Of course we ended up doing the entire KonMari Method throughout my entire home and it easily ranks as one of the most significant events of my life.


Melissa expertly guided me through the entire process with her keen skills in organizing, but she also me at every step of the way with a loving kindness that you must experience first hand to appreciate. Her cool sense of humor was the icing on the KM cake that made the whole experience absolutely wonderful.


I couldn't recommend her services highly enough.

Sara D., Self-Employed

"My experience with Tidy & Flourish has been truly transformational. I felt like I was suffocating in my own home because of all the built up clutter and stuff we had accumulated.


Melissa is so kind and nonjudgmental in such a way that she made me feel comfortable showing her all my embarrassing cluttered spaces that had gotten out of control. Not only has there been a complete physical transformation of my home, but a psychological transformation for myself as well.


There were items I was holding onto just because I thought I could use it another time or maybe it had a little life left in it but, when we worked together going through each item intentionally examining how the items made me feel I was completely blown away. I had been holding onto things that were attached to bad memories and things that made me feel dumpy and aided negative self talk. There were things that when Melissa held it up and asked me to hold it with intention I just couldn't even touch it because of the negative memories associated with it even though I had just picked it up an hour before that.


The KonMari Method Melissa teaches has shown me to use intention when keeping things and honor the belongings that I treasure. I am now only keeping the things in my home that bring me joy and make me feel good about myself.


With Melissa's help I have cleared out over 500 pounds of stuff I wasn't wearing or using anymore and that doesn't even include all the stuff in my garage I got rid of. I am so grateful for Melissa's help, before working with Melissa I was overwhelmed and the tasks seemed to daunting to tackle. Now I realize it can be done and it only takes at most a day to tackle something as big as my overly packed garage.


Thank you Melissa for your help, your kindness, and your expertise. I feel like I can truly breathe in my house and I love it. I love everything about my house now and it's so much easier to manage and keep up with the daily tasks in a timely manner."

Jennifer Astorga, Photographer

"I admit I was stuck. Melissa and KonMari saved me! The KonMari method is a real eye opener and not only gave me a sense of freedom but a feeling of calmness.


Melissa worked beside me, helping me make decisions based on whether or not the items brought me joy or had a purpose. I had so many clothes that they didn't fit in my closet or my wardrobe dresser. Piles of clothes, shoes and purses. No judgement, just encouragement. A super purge never felt so good!


I actually know what I have, what my wardrobe choices are and everything is so neat and tidy. Our bedroom has become a place I feel good about when I enter. The hubs is happy too!


Thank you Melissa and KonMari. I am now motivated to continue clearing and organizing the rest of our home. I highly recommend Melissa and look forward to working with her again."

Cindy Goff, Self-Employed

"Melissa delivered beyond my expectations! Not only was she professional, competent, and knowledgeable she exudes patience and compassion.    We worked on tidying all the paper in my life and I have nothing but overwhelmingly positive things to say about the experience,

from start to finish.


She helped me identify what’s important to me as it relates to who I am becoming and the future I want to shape for myself.

She shared her expertise and best practices, while leaving room for me to create my own path and follow my own choices.


I downsized from 11crates/bins of papers, notebooks, files, etc. to three. I would recommend Melissa over and over again!!"

Meghann H., Coach

"Going through Melissa's Tidying program has truly changed the way I live, shop and view my possessions. I was going through a major transition in my life (moving/downsizing) and realized I needed help. I got way more then I expected out of it.


My life is much simpler now and I attribute a lot of that to working with Melissa. She helped me work through and purge a lot of things from my past and showed me how to organize my house in a way that makes everyday living so much easier. I highly recommend her services!"

Chris Kenison, Federal Government Employee