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You may have no idea where to begin.  

I will teach and guide you through the KonMari Method® that simplifies the work of decluttering into an easy, manageable process.


You may feel overwhelmed at the massive amount of belongings you own and believe that it will take forever to go through it all.

I create a clear action plan that you will confidently and comfortably handle. The plan is always tailored to your personal situation. I provide positive encouragement that will ensure a calm transformation.

You may want to optimize your home to increase efficiency or need assistance discovering what sparks joy.

Tidying is the best and most efficient way to optimize your home. We will implement time saving techniques by ensuring that your home supports your ideal lifestyle. You will understand what brings you joy and how to honor those items. 

You want to organize your belongings but become preoccupied with life obligations that delay your ability to follow through with your intentions.

I interrupt these distractions and provide the accountability you need to remain committed. I keep your motivation high and your momentum moving onward and upward. 


You may feel like you do not have the time, money or energy to achieve a home and lifestyle you enjoy.

You will be energized from letting go of physical and mental attachments. Your new environment will become joyful and elevating. You will save money by creating new, healthy spending habits. In exchange for the time spent tidying, you will find freedom in realizing you already have everything you need and love.


You may not know how to honor or let go of items from your childhood, inherited items from relatives or your children's keepsakes. 

I create a space of love and acceptance so that you are able to face the items and emotions that are tied to your past. You will gain the courage to address sensitive memories and discover creative ways to display the items that speak to your heart.




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If you would like assistance on tidying your home via the KonMari Method®, I would love to work with you! I will ask meaningful questions that build your confidence in decision-making. Together we will focus on what you value and create a tidy home and life that sparks joy.

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