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When I tidied my belongings via The KonMari Method®, all aspects of my life flourished. Tidying taught me to choose what Sparks Joy and to let everything else go. Through this revolutionary process of decluttering and organization, I created my ideal living space and spend more time enjoying the present moment. 

I value creating peace within, living sustainably and cultivating kindness. Through teaching of The KonMari Method®, I believe it will empower people to focus on what they love, consume less resources through appreciating what they already have and share their increased joy with others. 

I received my training with KonMari Media Inc. in Chicago in April 2017. I am the first certified KonMari Consultant in the state of Oregon.

Our Tidying Festival will be fun, effective and transformative. You will discover what Sparks Joy for you, increase your vitality and create the lifestyle that you desire and deserve. Let's Tidy together and experience the Flourish!

Consultant Stories | Melissa Jean on Letting Go of the Past | KonMari

Consultant Stories | Melissa Jean on Letting Go of the Past | KonMari

The KonMari Method®

The KonMari Method® was developed by the best selling author and organizing consultant Marie Kondo. She details her Japanese art of decluttering and organizing in her three books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying. Her philosophy is to contribute to a joy-sparking world through tidying.  

"Our goal in tidying should be

to create a living environment

filled with the things we love." 

Spark Joy, Marie Kondo

The KonMari Method® is unlike other organizing methods in that you choose what to keep, not what to discard. You also tidy all at once, instead of discarding little by little. This allows you to change your mindset. When you have determined what Sparks Joy for you and discarded the rest, you will simplify your life and create a space that reflects your values. 


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